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ABOUT AFROGRAMS: short history of the School


The School was founded on 1st February 1955 by the African Church Organisation to facilitate the provision of secondary education to children of African Church members as a result of the difficulty in securing admission to the only three secondary schools - BBHS (Baptist Boys High School) Abeokuta Grammar School and Lisabi Grammar School available in Abeokuta at that time.


Like any other new project, the school went through rough times but by dint of hard work of the pioneer Principal, Mr. S.A. Akerele and Chief O.A. Gbogboade as Vice Principal, the high standard of academic, moral and social settings started from inception. After a brief spell of Mr. Akerele in the school came the man whose name became synonymous with Afrograms, Abeokuta; Chief T. Duro Oluyemi, BA, MA (Oxford) whose record of achievement in all ramifications of an excellent academic institution became legendary. He not only spent thirteen (13) years as Principal, the longest in the annals of the school, the high standards achieved by the school became a reference point not only in the city of Abeokuta but also in the Western Region of Nigeria.


The School was noted for its excellent performance at WASC examination, leading other schools in Abeokuta for ten (10) consecutive years, best well-equipped science laboratories in those days, a leading school in sporting activities with many students becoming regional, state and national representatives at local and international meets. The moral and high discipline standards of the school continued to prompt parents to want their wards educated at Afrograms, Abeokuta, to this day. The school which took off with under 100 all-male students has grown to over 3,000 co-educational student population in both the junior and senior secondary school sections today, with many more departments including Economics and Technical subjects as in some other schools.

Of Course, it has not all been rosy as the school has undergone its own crises periods especially in the early years of its existence. But it was more with the African Church Organization rather than students. The school has remained one of the most peaceful in the state since its establishment.

The longer-period of stay of principals in the past, giving room for continuity has contributed significantly to the maintenance of high standards in the school. 

Long Live OGUN STATE!!


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